Looking Back at Let me tell you about...

by Unseen October 20 2017

This year at Unseen Amsterdam, third-year students from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) organised the exhibition Let me tell you about…, focusing on a collective yearning to break down themes that are difficult to digest as young makers. When asked what it was like to participate in Unseen Amsterdam as students, the range of responses from the participating KABK artists were reflective and enthusiastic. For this feature, we asked some of the students to share their highlights from the weekend.

Co Knol: A very special and beautiful moment for all of us was the opening of the exhibition. Lots of people came, and there was strong engagement with the exhibited works. Questions were being asked and people spoke with strangers about their stories, which was the goal of the exhibition: Sharing stories with the outer world. It was a celebratory moment emphasising that all the hard work was a success!

KABK_Unseen2017_IrisDuvekot_017_0.jpgLet me tell you about... Unseen Amsterdam, 2017 © Iris Duvekot

Katarina Juričić: A highlight for me was when a group of middle-aged enthusiastic women entered our exhibition and frenziedly started taking photos with Caspar’s work. And then, as though in a trance, they continued jumping from one work to the other while taking photos of each other. It was amazing to realise how many people that see your work might not perceive it.

Linnea Frandsen: We worked really hard building up the exhibition, and when the construction was finished and everything was ready, we took a moment to appreciate the hard work and had a glass of champagne. It was a proud moment to see the result, and a great experience as a group.

KABKSpecialOpening_Unseen2017_Maarten Nauw_18_lowres_0.jpgLet me tell you about... Unseen Amsterdam, 2017 © Maarten Nauw

Nael Quraishi: I don’t have a specific moment apart from the opening of the exhibition, but in general it was nice to see people interested in what we were doing. I spoke with lots of international students who were surprised that we could do such things in our studies at KABK. Also, the guided tours were very nice, since it brought us closer together.

You can continue to follow the work of the KABK students through their Facebook and Instagram @KABKphotography and @nounpresents, and stay tuned for another group exhibition from the crew that will debut at the end of January 2018!